Provider Facilities

How to Participate - Healthcare Provider Facility

Healthcare Provider Facility


  1. Complete and submit the USIIS Provider Facility Enrollment Agreement.
  2. Read the USIIS Confidentiality and Security Policy.
  3. Each user needing access to the system must complete, sign, and submit a USIIS User Confidentiality and Security Agreement.

Follow the instructions on the forms to submit your requests.

A Utah Department of Health staff member will contact you by phone or Email to confirm your request(s). Email USIIS Customer Support at with any questions.

EHR System Interface Implementation Process for Providers

Healthcare providers may submit immunization information to USIIS by two methods- by using the online web application and/or by submitting data from their electronic health record (EHR) system via data interfaces.
Please review the Developing an Interface to USIIS document for an overview of:

  • USIIS interface options
  • The process for an EHR vendor to develop an interface to USIIS
  • The on-boarding process for Utah providers to implement an EHR-USIIS interface

Provider Immunization Record Requests

You can request a patient/client immunization record by submitting the USIIS Immunization Record Release form. This form must be filled out completely.

You can submit your form by Email:

Provider Immunization Record Release

USIIS Customer Support

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Please submit support requests to our help desk at:

Submit Support Request

Or email us at for other questions or to request USIIS training in-person or a webinar.