USIIS Updates

USIIS was updated on Saturday, May 6th. We are now using the Utah ID to login to USIIS. When you login for your first time you may need to link your Utah ID to your existing USIIS login. If you haven't created a Utah ID please go to and click "create an account". Please see USIIS Updates slides linked for further detailed instructions. 

USIIS User Questions

Q: I am not able to log in, what do I do?

A: First, make sure that you are going to The 

  • IF you get a USIIS portal login screen, it is likely a different email address is associated with your account.  You will be directed to a Utahid login page to enter your existing USIIS Username and Password. It will link your USIIS and Utahid accounts.
  • If you do have a Utahid account, use your existing Utahid credentials to log into the USIIS Portal, linked. Do not create a new account. This is what the screen will look like. Again, please use your existing Utahid credentials.
  • IF you do not have a Utahid account, please go to click on "create account" and follow the instructions.
  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Your USIIS account and Utahid account will link automatically if the same email address is associated with both accounts.

Q:  What do I do if I forgot my USIIS username or password?

A: Please contact us via a USIIS Support Request linked and we will reset your password.

Q: I am still unable to login...

A: Please contact via USIIS Support Request linked, with all details as to why you are unable to login along with any errors populating so that we can help resolve this as quickly as possible.

Q: I am unable to enter a lot number into USIIS Immunize, how can I save a vaccine?

A: We just upgraded our system and there is a bug when you try to enter the lot manually using the text box instead of the drop down menu. We have let our dev team know about this issue and they are working on solving it. In the meantime, if you enter the lot number using the vaccine inventory module and do the drop down or use the brief entry, it will save the vaccine (Updated 05/10/2023)

IF you are having any issues specifically with Utahid login, not USIIS, please reach out to 801-538-3440 or  800-678-3440