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Utah Department of Health and Human Services :: Immunization Program

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Utah Scientific Vaccine Advisory Committee


The Utah Scientific Vaccine Advisory Committee was established in 1999 to provide recommendations and guidance to the Utah Department of Health, Division of Disease Control and Prevention, on current management of vaccine.


Clinical expertise by physicians experienced in the fields of vaccinology, preventive medicine, vaccine preventable disease management, pediatrics, epidemiology and family practice will provide guidance on appropriate medical recommendations for immunization practices in Utah. The committee will operate in an advisory capacity to access new vaccines that are introduced and to collaborate with the Division of Disease Control and Prevention in determining vaccine recommendations and requirements for Utah. This committee will also advise and give input to the Private Provider Committee of the Every Child By Two Immunization Coalition.


This committee will be chaired by the Medical Director of the Division of Disease Control and Prevention. The committee will meet quarterly to discuss vaccine related issues. Minutes will be recorded and an agenda will be prepared prior to the meeting.


There will be six members who will serve a term of three years with the option of renewing for one additional term. Terms of service will be staggered to allow overlap in committee membership and experience. Committee members shall consist of the following positions:

  • Pediatric infectious disease specialist
  • State American Acadeymy of Pediatrics (AAP) representative
  • State American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) representative
  • Local health officer (physician)
  • State epidemiologist
  • Utah Department of Health
  • Division of Disease Control and Prevention, medical director